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What Are Employee Services?

At Wilberforce Employment Solutions we believe that employee retention is key to running a successful business.

We aim to support local and national businesses by offering an independent and impartial service with the goal of reducing employee turnover and increasing productivity.

We offer a competitive fee structure and individually tailored support package, with a range of support services to enable employers to manage employee absence and provide a support structure to ensure optimum levels of employee efficiency.

Our employee retention service supports both you as an employer, your managers, occupational health teams and employees when facing challenges in the workplace.


​​Some of the services we provide

  • To support your business to sustain and retain all hard working staff by helping to remove potential and existing barriers to work.
  • To Implement strategies tailored to the individual and your company.
  • To assist employers in providing a more supportive working environment for its employees.
  • To empower managers with the confidence to identify potential barriers.
  • To help to overcome disability as a barrier to employment within your organisation.
  • To provide an effective aftercare service should an employment become untenable.


  • Reduce staff absence and absence duration
  • Reduce the causes of staff absence
  • Improved productivity and moral in the workplace
  • To help support and guide employers and employees
  • To promote a sustainable employment model
  • To provide solutions and coping mechanisms for mangers and staff
  • To enhance any support already in place
  • To help you provide evidence that reasonable adjustments have been ​made to support staff.